My goals are the same for every meal: how do I find 20g of protein and where can I get the fat without carbs?

Tips for eating in your corporate cafeteria

I generally stick to the salad bar when I eat in a corporate cafeteria.

Let’s start with protein: tuna fish and eggs are the best choices. Full fat cottage cheese is another option but it’s relatively high carb compared to the tuna or eggs which are carb free.

As for the fat, avocado/guacomole, cheese are good choices to put in your salad. Avocado is fantastic food. Great source of fat, potassium, etc.

Going heavy on the salad dressing is fantastic since it is all fat. Caesar and Blue Cheese are the safest dressings. I love the Litehouse Original Thousand Island dressing. It is to die for. And it’s only 2g carbs for every 12g of fat so from a calorie perspective it is >90% fat. Tastes yummy.

As long as you stay away from the fruit and the croutons, there is a lot of stuff you can safely put in your salad: artichoke hearts, cucumber, tomato (in limited amounts), mushrooms, beans (in limited amounts…they are high in carbs).

Or you can get a hamburger without the bun. The lettuce, tomato, and mayo is safe. Mayo is fantastic because it is all fat and it does an incredible job producing ketones.

I love eating at  Fatburger (one of the healthiest places you can eat), I tell them to skip the bun, get a 1/2 lb burger with all the normal fixings, and then I add a fried egg, guacamole, and extra mayo and it is delicious.

I also love hot dogs (ok, they are processed), and i smother it with relish that is sugar free (1 carb for a lot of relish) and mustard (which is carb free). Ketchup gets you into trouble due to the carb content, but mustard is fine. Again, this is a delicious simple combo.

My favorite sugar-free relish is “Mt. Olive no sugar added sweet relish.” It’s only 1gm carb per tablespoon.

Fried chicken is another option. You get the fat from the skin and the protein from the chicken. The trick is the batter. Turns out that KFC Original Recipe is very low in carbs and tastes delicious. Unfortunately, the “extra crispy” is high in carbs and should be avoided.

For drinks, I’ll go for water and bring my no calorie water flavoring. I love Hawaiian Punch, Grape, Fruit Punch flavors. There are many brands to choose from at the supermarket. Your $4 per bottle makes a ton of servings.

If you want some calories, my favorite is hot chocolate, prepared my way: heavy cream (which you can steal from the coffee station), unsweetened vanilla almond milk (this is zero net carbs and practically calorie free so acts as filler since heavy cream is 200 calories per ounce), add two or 3 teaspoons of cocoa (about 1g carb), and sweeten with a bit of liquid stevia. I top it off with whipped cream which is about 1g carb and 1g fat.

For dessert, I love the new Jello strawberry and strawberry-banana 10 cal sugar free gelatins. They are super simple to make. They zero carbs, 1g protein, and taste delicious. Probably won’t find this at a cafeteria unless you can convince them to make it. I love these flavors.